Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Q&A: Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis

Q: We saw your products in our local Frosts Garden Centre. We have just had a jacuzzi bath installed. Do you make any bath crystals or something similar, which will not create a room full of foam? James

A: Thankyou for your enquiry. The Potions & Possibilities' Aromatherapy Bath Oils should be absolutely fine in your jacuzzi bath and should foam no more than the milk in your tea (a very low level of bubbles that immediately disappear as the milk disperses through the water). You will need about 1.5 tablespoonfuls for a big jacuzzi bath.

Choose from our clinical blends such as Ultra Relaxing, Fatigue Relief, Joint & Muscle Ease, Sleep Easy, Executive Stress Relief and Immune System Tonic - all with premium quality, therapeutic essential oils to enhance wellbeing make your skin feel fabulous too (all without making the bath slippy!).

Be sure to avoid Bath & Shower Gels and any heavy oils.

We also have our Spa Prescription products which are made with pure essential oils. Choose from blends such as Joint & Muscle (with Rosemary and Swiss Mint) or Stress Ease (with the wonderfully fragrant Geranium and Lemongrass). 12 drops (5ml) is all you need for a therapeutic and fabulously scented bath.

Alternatively choose any of our essential oils which are all suitable for jacuzzis. If you have sensitive skin mix the oils with a tablespoonful of vodka or milk first to help the oils disperse in the water.

Thankyou for supporting our brand at Frosts - we are very proud to be there and I may see you at some of the garden club evenings I am doing.

Hope that helps

Julie Foster

PS The advantage of choosing products containing essential oils for a jacuzzi bath is that essential oils are all powerful antibacterial agents which can help to reduce the risk of infection particularly with outdoor baths which are used less often.

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